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Stiga SVP 40 B

Stiga SVP 40 B
Stiga SVP 40 B
Brand: Stiga
Product Code: Stiga SVP 40 B
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Scarifying improves the quality of your lawn in several ways. It will remove organic layers of thatch, moss and dead grass whilst breaking up the surface of compacted soil and retarding the growth of weeds. Removing thatch and weeds in this way allows water, air and nutrients to reach grass roots more easily resulting in lush green growth.

The Stiga SVP 40 B Scarifier is powered by a 127cc easy start Stiga engine that delivers the power to treat large lawn areas. The 40cm working width combined with the thirty-two floating blades remove thatch and moss effectively.

The working depth can be set from -15mm to 0mm and the grabbed thatch and moss are collected in the 50 litre rear bag.

The SVP 40 B is a powerful, robust tool designed to take the hard work out of lawn care.

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