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Honda EU10i
  They are super-quiet generators you can use anywhere. Great for camping and caravanning,..
£924.00 £799.00
Ex Tax: £665.83
Honda FG110
The Honda FG110 multi-purpose mini tiller is a lightweight, easy to use and efficient personal garde..
£520.00 £399.00
Ex Tax: £332.50
Honda FG201
An FG201 tiller will take all the hard work out of maintaining your flowerbeds, lawn and vegetable p..
£622.00 £579.00
Ex Tax: £482.50
Honda FG220
Well-equipped to take on larger flowerbeds as well as the vegetable garden, the F220 is an extremely..
£999.00 £929.00
Ex Tax: £774.17
Honda FG320
A light weight tiller that is ideal for domestic use with swing handle, reliable GP160 Over-Head Val..
£730.00 £679.00
Ex Tax: £565.83
Honda FJ500SER
FJ500 SER Combining smooth power with versatile functionality. Front Transport Wheel Included ..
£938.00 £869.00
Ex Tax: £724.17
Honda HF2317HM
HF2317 HM Solid performance and hydrostatic drive let you covering larger lawns at any speed with..
£3,957.00 £3,499.00
Ex Tax: £2,915.83
Honda HF2417HB
HF2417 HB Great performance, easy starting and Hydrostatic drive ensures smooth operation and a q..
£4,181.00 £3,599.00
Ex Tax: £2,999.17
Honda HF2417HM
HF2417 HM Collect. Or Mulch. Honda's unique Versamow & trade; selective mulching system lets ..
£4,263.00 £3,649.00
Ex Tax: £3,040.83
Honda HF2417HT
HF2417 HT Stay in control of your grass clippings with Honda's unique Versamow™ selecti..
£4,691.00 £4,099.00
Ex Tax: £3,415.83
Honda HF2622HM
HF2622 HM When keeping your lawn at its best, you'll appreciate the extra cutting width, effortle..
£5,507.00 £4,949.00
Ex Tax: £4,124.17
Honda HF2622HT
HF2622 HT Our top of the range model has everything you would want from a Lawn Tractor.  ..
£5,711.00 £5,049.00
Ex Tax: £4,207.50
Honda HHB25E
The first 4-stroke hand blower in the world delivers smooth, responsive power with lower emissions. ..
£369.00 £317.00
Ex Tax: £264.17
Honda HRE330
Honda HRE330 Specifically designed to deliver excellent cutting and collecting performance from a..
£199.00 £149.00
Ex Tax: £124.17
Honda HRE370
    Honda HRE370 Specifically designed to deliver excellen..
£219.00 £179.00
Ex Tax: £149.17
Honda SSBC
Line trimmer The line trimmer attachment combines a reinforced nylon head with tap & go line ..
£167.00 £149.00
Ex Tax: £124.17
Honda SSBL
Blower Our blower attachment provides a powerful target airflow parallel to the ground which dec..
£157.00 £139.00
Ex Tax: £115.83
Honda SSCL
Cultivator Designed to maintain small vegetable patches or flowerbeds. It’s 20cm worknig widt..
£257.00 £229.00
Ex Tax: £190.83
Honda SSES-L
  100Cm Extension For extra help getting to all those hard to reach areas, and providing ..
Ex Tax: £87.50
Honda SSES-S
  50 CM Extension For extra help getting to all those hard to reach areas,and providing s..
Ex Tax: £79.17